Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

Softskill 8_Computer-Aided Translation - 2nd Task

Name           : Cipto Prasetio Sutikno
Student-ID    : 18611407
Class            : 4SA05
Subject         : Computer-Aided Translations [2nd Task]

Comparison of Five Machine Translations
(Ginger, SDL, Systran, Wordbee, and Trados)

Here is a comparison of five MT (Machine Translation); Ginger, SDL, Systran, Wordbee and Trados. This comparison contains of the superiority and frailty on those MTs. Some of them are a paid software and most of them are a browser MT.
So, without further adieu, let’s get started!

1.          GINGER
·        The Superiority of Ginger     :

As Shown on the picture above, Ginger has a feature called Grammar Checker. The Ginger’s Grammar Checker is capable to correct the structure of grammar in most of any form or sentence.
Let’s take a look on the picture below. The Ginger’s Grammar Checker changed the verb in the sentence into past participle. Moreover, this feature changes the verb into a correct verb which supposed to be;
As shown on the picture below, I tried to explore the Grammar Checker in form of gerund. Astonishing, the Grammar Checker was also capable of fixing the word to gerund;
You can also click on the purple-colored font which will give you a more alternative corrections that suits you best.
If you ever tried the Google Translator MT, you might found the target translation was often a failure in tenses. Now let’s see how the Ginger works on the picture below;
In addition, the Ginger’s Grammar Checker can change the singular noun into plural noun. The word car changes into cars;
To summarize on Ginger’s MT, You learn the topics that are most relevant to you, those that cause most of your writing mistakes. You practice by correcting your own sentences, instead of textbook learning examples that are not necessarily relevant for your specific use of English. You learn faster because the learning program is personalized to meet your needs. No need to practice topics that you already know, or that are too advanced for you.

·        The Frailty of Ginger   :
Unfortunately for Ginger, if you were trying to translate a sentence or even a paragraph, you are ought to download the software which is about 50Mb size, thus you can translate words, sentences, or even the whole paragraph.
Furthermore, the other weakness is the translation feature of this software is cannot translate the text naturally. We tried to test the software with a lyric of a song. However, it cannot translate very well.
Hence, it slows down the speed of your PC to some extent, but when you stop it from working on the browser the speed is improved. Ginger’s Machine Translation would be suitable for translating an official document which can translate word by word or literal translations.

2.    SDL

·        The Superiority of SDL          :

SDL announced FreeTranslation.com, a website translation that enables translators, both individuals and businesses, to translate documents, websites, and typed text with a very simple way. Moreover, it is displayed instantly and always free. Just type the text or upload the document you want to translate on the Choose File bar(s). Thus, FreeTranslation.com became one of the most popular sites of its kind. The file types that you can upload on this website; .doc(x), .ppt(x), .odt, .pdf & .txt. The maximum file size is 5Mb. The result of translation? The result, as follows;
·         The Frailty of SDL       :
As you can see the picture above, the Target Language is not translated very well, this Target Language are the same as the Google Translator for comparison but way worse. Perhaps if you’re trying to find a meaning of difficult word in English or some other language, the SDL is a way to go. Hence, the SDL Machine Translation is suits best for documents or articles.

2.          SYSTRAN
Too bad, I don’t find any superiority or advantageous on Systran, or maybe there IS, I just cannot find it. On Systran MT, You’d only get 15 Source Language (SL) and Target Language (TL), furthermore, there’s no Indonesian language translation.
Since there’s no English-Indonesian translation and vice versa, I’d try to pick the Japanese-English translation. The following picture is the result;
Here’s the romaji derived on translation above, and the correct meaning;