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Places That I Want T Visit

Name / Student-ID  : Cipto Prasetio Sutikno / 18611407
Class                       : 3SA05
Subject                   : Soft Skill 5 - Tourism 2

Places that I want to visit

Hello Everyone, my name’s Cipto Prasetio, I’m a student with English Literature faculty in Gunadarma University, Western of Bekasi city, Indonesia. Today I would like to tell and explain you the places that I want to visit so much. So, let’s get start then..
HobbyLink Japan

HobbyLink Japan ( is a hobby related online store based in Japan that ships worldwide. Started in 1995, HobbyLink Japan is an Internet mail-order business located in the foothills of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. They ship hobby products, toys, anime items, books and more to customers all over the world. This office ships Gundam Model Kits, Cars/Bikes Model Kits, Aircraft Model Kits, Action Figures, Anime Figures, Anime Collectibles, Science-Fiction, and Military Model Kits. Even though this place is only an office of online store, I really want to go there ASAP!

Aoyagi Samurai Manor Museum

Aoyagi Samurai Manor, one of the best preserved architectural beauties of its kind in Japan. Founded on the rich traditions of the Aoyagi family, the Manor assumed a new facade in 1989 as a complex of open-air museums. The estate features the Main House, the Armory, the Seiryu-an Gallery, the Akita Folk Museum, the Samurai Tools and Utensils Museum, the Antique Museum and Tea Room, gift shops and a beautiful garden.
On display in the buildings are quaint items from the 17th through 20th centuries: samurai swords, utensils, clothing, toys, hanging scrolls, pictures and documents. Some of them have earned the designation as important cultural properties from the national, prefectural or municipal government. More treasures of historic value would join in the exhibition from a sealed family storehouse where experts have been evaluating the contents.
Unlike other museums with facilities specially designed for exhibitions and their collections comprising only items gathered somewhere else, the buildings and their displays have their roots in this Manor - the members of the Aoyagi family built or collected them for their actual daily use. For example, the Main House had been home to the descendants until as late as 1985.

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle is one of the most complete and beautiful among Japan's original castles. It is a "hirajiro" - a castle built on plains rather than on a hill or mountain. Matsumoto Castle is unique for having both a secondary donjon and a turret adjoined to its main keep. The castle structures, in combination with their characteristic black wainscoting, give off an air of grandeur and poise.
Matsumotojo's main castle keep and its smaller, second donjon were built from 1592 to 1614. Both these structures were well-fortified as peace was not yet fully achieved at the time. In 1635, when military threats had ceased, a third, barely defended turret and another for moon viewing were added to the castle.

         The wooden interior of Matsumoto Castle provides an authentic experience unlike that felt at many other castles rebuilt of ferro-concrete. Interesting features of the castle include steep wooden stairs, openings to drop stones onto invaders, openings for archers, as well as an observation deck at the top, sixth floor of the main keep with nice views over the surrounding city.

In spring, Matsumoto Castle is a popular cherry blossom spot. Many visit to stroll around the spacious castle grounds and park. Along the outer castle moat are hundreds of somei yoshino cherry trees that provide lovely views when they are in full bloom around mid April each year.

          So that’s all from me, those are the places that I’m very longed to visit. What about you?
Thank you so much guys for reading my entry, bye!

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