Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

[Tulisan 1] Profil Wirausahawan Muda yang Sukses


Mata Kuliah : Softskill - Kewirausahawan
Nama            : Cipto Prasetio Sutikno
NPM             : 18611407
Kelas             : 2SA05

Successful Indonesia’s Young Entrepreneurs - Reza Nurhilman (AXL)

           Indonesia's successful young entrepreneur figure is attached to Nurhilman Reza, familiarly called as "AXL". His hard work and incredible innovation made a phenomenal product and a scene in Indonesia. Markets targeted marketing was unique and innovative, it is to keep track of the days that utilize the social networking ‘twitter’ to presence information of his products.

          Successful young businessman is the dream of many teenagers in Indonesia. Hopefully the story of Reza Nurhilman’s journey of business can inspire us all, and to burn our passion for selling in entrepreneurs. Its hopes of eventually made the creation of thousands young entrepreneurs and independent nation because we could help employment opportunities for people in Indonesia. Let's look more stories of Reza Nurhilman (AXL) to become a successful young businessman.